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We have been in social activities since last 20 years in and around Pimple Nilakh. It was a undeveloped part then and a sub-urban part of Pune City. The Foundation continued the same activity with specific intention of Educational and Social upliftment of this area with full heart and mind. Through this Public Trust, we have initiated various Social activities in this area; to begin with “ Pimple Nilakh Krida Sanstha in 1989 for young blood of school and college going students. And then started “Shri. Ramkrishna Nagari Patsanstha” in 1989 and “Shri. Chhatrapati Urban Co-op. Bank Ltd” in 1999 to assist in family needs of the area households and small business entrepreneurs. Both the entities have been working well to help self-employed and middle class persons as well. By lucrative deposit rates and by different loan schemes, people in and around this area have been benefited by the services through the Patsanstha and the Co-operative Bank. We are proud to say that with limited but disciplined and devoted staff, the Co-operative bank has been able to secure “ Grade I ” from R.B.I. since Nov. 2006.

At the same time, the Foundation did not forget the need and importance of primary and secondary Education to poor and middle class deserving students. We started “Laxmibai Nandgude School” in 1988. As on today approximately 2000 students (boys and girls) are taking the advantage of Primary and Secondary Education in, both, Marathi and English medium schools. The teaching faculty is imparting the role of Education in full swing resulting 100% success in 10th standard continuously for last seven years. One of the students, Miss. Varsha Patil obtained the rank in merit list of 10th standard during March 2007 Board Examination. In scholarship examination also, school students have been obtaining grand success. The Foundation, therefore, started distributing various awards to top ranking students in the name “Laxmibai Nandgude” in order to encourage them as well as other prospective students.

Now, taking into consideration the growing need of Education with increasing students numbers, the Foundation has taken a Educational Project of new building where additional professional courses in Management Engineering and Software related field will be incorporated. Thereby, students of this local area need not rush to Pune/Mumbai for Higher Professional Education. For this ambitious project, one of the ex-directors has donated two acres of land and Foundation has also purchased eight acres of land adjesecent to this land. The total expenses for this project is app. Rs. 60 crores. For this huge project, therefore, the Foundation is also collecting donations from the people in and around Pune.

In retrospect, many social events we have been organizing since last 8-10 years for which we are proud of ; as many needy students, youths, females and other persons have been benefited with these organized functions. Many Celebrities / Dignitaries have attended these functions as chief guests. To name the few, are, Dharmendra, Salman Khan, karishma Kapoor, Mahima Chaudhary, Urmila Mathondkar, Ravina Tondan etc.

At the same time, we must say that the Cabinet Minister from Central Govt. Hon. Shri. Sharad Pawar and the Cabinet Minister from State Govt. Hon. Shri. Ajit Pawar have appreciated the various activities of the Foundation and gave their valuable guidance from time to time.

The social events that have organized during the current year and expected in next few months are summarized in the following pages.

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